Disable delete button or not allow deletion on SM30 SAP ABAP


We need not allow delete rows of a table maintenance from SM30, some people solve this by removing delete button from SM30 and other using Authorization object for restring deletion permisson.

We are going to show yo how you can do using events on SM30.

Events SM30

I will restrict the user so that he cannot delete information when he press delete button.

Step one, go to SE11, put table name and press Modify Button:

After this going to: Utilities -> Table Maintenance Generator.

On next screen go to: Environmet -> Modification -> Events

modification events ABAP

On next screen press new entries:


Press matchcode of fitst column and select Before deleting:

SM30 Events

Insert any name (as you prefer will call your routine) and press Editor button.

SM30 Events

And on next screen I have put this :

error message abap

Now, save and activate and go to SM30 to test if system allows you delete any record.

not delete information from SM30 SAP ABAP

I hope this help you, if you have any question or comment please let me know in comments section.

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