Error: include ========co not exist in db abap

This is an error commun when you try to transport  an ABAP Class to another environment like, QAS or PRD. To solved this you need to do follow steps.


If you are triying to transport a class and on DEV or QAS systems are without error, please go to follow table: PROGDIR and on name, put the include name, some like this:

abap class error not exist incude

Now, if you have this row on your system where you dont have error, go to the system or environment where its showing the error and search in same table and row, if you dont  have this row that´s the prblem.

To solve this, you need to create this row on your environment by insert, after insert this record on table PROGDIR table you will dont have any error.

But how can you add this line on the table? We need to add with debugin, please follow these steps.

1._ Go to SE16N and put table PROGDIR

2._ put /h on  tcode command texbox to enable debuging mode and enter

debugin mode

Now press Enter and F8.

On vatiable1 tab put these 2 variables:



Now change its value to true:

Press F8.

Now you need to add the new row with you include that you dont have by clic on "+" sing.

Add your include name and press save button then go to your program/class and, verify and you will not have that problem.

Enjoy it.


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