How to create SAPUI5 Fiori Application FreeStyle Application

freestyle app SAPUI5

Start from a templante

new peoject

Now we have to select Basic Multitarjet Application;
Sap ui5 multi target application
on the next screen insert a name for the project, in my case i put "testings"
name of project

Then press finish.

Now you will see the folder testing in the object navigator, what we have to do now its create a MTA, Right clic on mta.yaml and press Create MTA from Template.

Now we are going to create the Approuter, clic on it and start.


On the next screen you have to select these options and then clic on Next.

Now we have our MTA create, what we are going to do its create our SAPUI5 Fiori Application.
Right clic on mta.yaml and Create MTA from Template and clic on start:


fiori ui5 application

Select SAPUI5 Freestyle and SAPUI5 Application and clic on Next
Sap ui5 freestyle

On data source we select: None.
On view name we put Main:
view name

Clic on Next and on the next screen we put the next information and Finish

project name


Now our application will create, if you press on Run, you will see the application:

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