How to install SAPUI5 Plugins for Eclipse

SAPUI5 plugin in eclipse

First to all, if we have installed eclipse, we need to install the plugins for eclipse SAPUI5, to do this, go to: help - install new software, and in the "work with" put this: + your eclipse version.

How can I know wich Eclipse version have I?

go to : Help -> About Eclipse ID

Eclipse version

You also can see your Eclipse version when it starting:

Eclipse version

In this case our eclipse version its 2021-03, our URL should be:

If you for example has a luna version, yor url could be like this:

For example:


SAP UI5 Eclipse plugin

Select all or you can select only UI Development Toolkit for HTML5  click on next.


install sapui5 plugins eclpse
Press next again and in next screen please acep the license:

eclipse SAPUI5

Now when you clic on finish software will start to dwonloading, wait for some minutes and you will have installed the plugins necesary to work with SAP UI5 from Eclipse.

Still not working?

Try to put another source, you can also try with:

And now install this component:


install plugin SAPUI5 for eclipse

I hope I've helped.

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