TBTCO Job Table

TBCO is a table standard table wich contains the information of Background wich store Job Status, this table contains the information showed on SM37 Tcode wich is Job Overview, lets check an example how to use:

Firs we are going to show the SM37 Tcode to show a Job Overview:

SM 37 Job overview

If we want found this job on SAP Table we  have to go to SE16N, put TBTCO Table and put the name of the job into the field job name as we can see in the image below:


Now press F8 to show the result and then we can see that we have maybe a lot of row:


As you can see  i have a lot of result, but I want to know the specific tow that i was checking on the first image, what we need, is the Job number, to get this data, on SM37 Tcode you have to do clic on job details and this will show the number of the job as image below:

sm37 job SAP

Now, I have the number job, I can put the number of the job and with this i will have the row what I need to know the status:


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